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SNI analyzes and structures businesses for better cash flow and long range planning. Our strategies can revolutionize business and personal cash flow. As part of our offerings we can potentially increase retirement income by up to 50% or more with little or no tax, with no market risk, and with 90% or more liquidity.

  • Most business families focus on working “in” their business and spend very little time and resources “on” their business. SNI significantly increases a company’s cash flow by expanding this perspective to a more mature model.
  • The highest performing professionals in our world have multiple coaches.
  • The SNI team has helped coach businesses across the country to success in greater cash flow and tax efficiency while reclaiming more personal time.

Structure for better cash flow

90% more liquidity

No market risk

Increased Retirement Income

In working with each individual business owner the SNI team carefully analyzes cash flow, tax implications, long term planning and short-term needs. Our strategies, once in place, have helped clientele have greater cash positions, equipped them for higher yielding growth and synergized business planning with legacy strategies.

Our team has structured thousands of tax planning strategies specifically tailored to our clients’ business and personal situations. Even when our clients and their advisers believed they were already doing everything they could to reduce taxes, we were able to help them reduce taxes even further by implementing our strategies — customized for each clients’ unique financial situation. Our team of tax attorneys and accountants continuously research the most up-to-date information about tax law and know it inside and out. We keep pace with the rapidly evolving financial climate, and we know how to help you retain more of each dollar you make.