Complete Estate Planning Services

At SNI we take into consideration all financial and personal needs while optimizing generational wealth transfer. Reduce your taxes with strategies that leave more to loved ones and organizations/causes close to you.

A study recently reported that $8-$11 trillion will be left or passed on over the next two decades to future generations. While we would love for all the money to be passed along directly, Uncle Sam will most likely be collecting on that money and taking it away from your children and grandchildren.

  • The average inheritance lasts less than three months. 97% of all family wealth does not survive the third generation.
  • The SNI team works to protect and build the family treasury to ensure multi-generational succession.
  • Utilizing a network of hand-picked deeply dedicated professionals, the SNI team provides the expertise and tools to build, reinforce and extend bridges that transport a families true wealth into future generations.

Leave more to loved ones and organizations

Leave a greater legacy by strategic planning

Reduce or eliminate the “death tax”

SWI has doubled some of our clients’ legacies

Many of us lack the information needed to make strategic choices on where to invest our money. For example, many of us think that leaving an IRA for our families to inherit is ideal but it actually is one of the worst ways to leave our money. Our heirs are automatically positioned in the bulls-eye of tax collectors. At Strategic Navigators Inc. we are committed to providing you with the information necessary to minimize your taxes to leave a greater legacy for your family.

Case Study #1

Challenge: A father wants to leave a $5 million legacy to his two kids but does not want to liquidate his assets to fund the legacy.

Solution: Use premium financing to purchase a life insurance policy in a trust so it’s protected against estate taxes for $5 million. With premium financing, the father has no out-of-pocket costs and it allows him to use a portion of his equities portfolio as collateral. This will allow his legacy to be income-tax free for his children.

Case Study #2

Challenge: An elderly husband and wife want to leave $1 million for their children and $1 million for their favorite charity. They currently have $1 million invested in the stock market but need to double their savings. They are concerned about the stock market and fear that by having bad investments they will lose money.

Solution: Gift $1 million to your kids by taking advantage of the gift tax exclusion. Once the kids have the $1 million, have them buy a survivorship life insurance policy. After both parents have passed, the insurance company will pay a $4 million benefit so the children receive $3 million versus $1 million and the charity still receives $1 million as planned and no taxes are paid.

Opportunities for Tax-Free Wealth Transfers

If you are over the A and B Trust limits and don’t want to pay heavy estate taxes, Strategic Navigators Inc. can advise you on ways to eliminate up to 95% of estate taxes by taking advantage of little known strategies. As the estate planning legislature changes, we remain ever vigilant – always seeking the most effective financial plan of action to save you money. We know you would prefer to determine how to disburse your assets, instead of allowing the government to gain control of them.