Senior Advisor

Dr. Buckeridge serves SNI as a Senior Advisor on Global Investment Strategies. Roger advises SNI whilst maintaining his roles in various International Finance circles.

Dr. Buckeridge has been a venture capital and private equity fund manager since 1985. In a thirty-eight year investment management and consulting career (including six years with McKinsey & Company in the US, Asia and Australia), he has advised clients in the United States, Japan, Singapore and Australia, and has been associated, during their formative years, with several major investment successes. Earlier he trained as a scientist, holding a PhD in chemistry.

From 1996 he served as executive director and co-founder of Allen & Buckeridge Asset Management Limited, Sydney, which was a leading Asia Pacific venture capital and private equity fund manager until it closed its last PE fund at mid-2013. Between 1997 and 2013, Roger and his co-founder raised and invested AU$ 280 million in more than 50 technology-based companies which brought products and services to global markets in Asia, North America and Europe. Many exits were secured by successful trade sales to global publicly listed firms. A&B often syndicated its investments with prominent private equity firms, particularly in California, the US East Coast and Hong Kong/China.

Dr. Buckeridge currently serves as a mentor and non-executive director for several early stage businesses. He is the Responsible Manager for an Australian Financial Services Licence holder, which authorizes the raising and management of a wide range of managed funds and collective investment schemes, and dealing in listed and unlisted securities. Recently he has commenced his duties as an executive director of MB Depositors AG (trading as MBD Asset Managers), based at Zug, Switzerland.